Welcome to my new site, I decided it was about time to come up with a new look for my blog now that I have some more free time from finishing uni for this year. Well, I could do a post about a life update I guess, not much has really changed except now I have finished second year! What a year it has been there have been moments I honestly did not think I could go on, there were so many moments where I nearly said screw this and walked out. But I stayed and now I’m glad I did because this year at Uni has been a real life changer.

I have recently decided to start a YouTube channel which is well out of my comfort zone but hey what is life without a challenge! I want to create videos to show off look books and show off my travels. With Bali being only two weeks away I wanted to get it up and running ready for it.

I have been in an amazing frame of mind recently and have been smashing all of my goals I have set for my Instagram and I can’t thank you all enough for it. I still am overwhelmed by the support I receive on my Instagram page and the opportunities I have gained from it. I have met some amazing people from Instagram and have also developed my own confidence in myself from it. I am hoping to get to 2500 followers for Bali and I’m hoping that if I continue with how I have been doing that might just be possible!

I promise to be more active on my blog as I often neglect it through life just getting in the way but with more free time now I ideally would love to be uploading once a week about various topics. If you ever have any topics would love me to talk about then feel free to DM me on Instagram.

I hope you love my new look as much as I do and I can’t wait to grow my content on here.



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