So you’ve just got home from work and all day you’ve been telling yourself tonight is the night I am going to take that long bath and just chill. I know I get those days in work where you can’t think of any other way that is going to try and salvage the day but to just lay in the tub and watch some Netflix or read a book in pure bliss.

For me, I always find a bath the best way to just relax after either a stressful day or just an ordinary day.  I have recently gifted a Bubble Bath from Bramley. It smells like heaven in a glass bottle. I don’t go to a spa very often but using this in my bath gave me the effect of being in a really expensive spa. It’s all-natural ingredients just created the aroma of a spa which just helps me to unwind even more. When I pared it with the Body Wash I was also gifted I felt like a new person, I can still smell it on me the day. When I got an email to ask whether I would be interested in trying some out I was so excited and they have lived up to their expectation. I just love the ethos behind the brand and everything about the products. When it was delivered it came in really cute wrapping paper which can also be used for mindfulness colouring which I mean!! It’s just amazing, defo a must for your bath routine!!

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Bramley have a huge range to pick from and what’s better is it now comes in a glass bottle which is refillable and just great for the environment. Bramley is a British countryside company which can be shown behind the ethos of their brand. All of their products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly which is all the more reason to use them.


Now we have the bath sorted, for me, it’s all about the face mask.  I feel the best time to do a face mask is whilst sat in the bath because the steam from the bath helps to really open up your pores making best use of the face mask. I have recently been reaching for Lush face masks, they just work wonders for my skin and makes it feel brand new when I wash it off. I’ve tried your sheet masks and your £1 ones but they just don’t seem to do anything other than sit on the skin, so I always go back to Lush.

I always before getting into the bath rinse my hair and put on a hair mask so that I can sit in the bath and chill whilst my hair is being treated.  I have so many favourites for hair masks and depending on what I want from them will depend on which ones I use. My go to’s are Ozzie and Lee Stafford hair masks as I find they work the best to de-frizz my hair.

So now the bath is run, a hair mask is on, a face mask is slathered all over it’s time to choose between a good book or watching a series on Netflix. Recently I have been opting for the book option, after watching the film After on Netflix I have been reading the books and just can’t seem to get enough of them. I can’t seem to put the book down so find myself reading many chapters a time. Although, if books aren’t for you I have been rewatching Glee, Freinds and Riverdale on Netflix. Time seems to run away when I chill in the bath and before I know it I’ve been in there over an hour.

If I am feeling like I need a really relaxing night I may add a glass of wine or two.


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