Although it is not all about followers it is a nice feeling when you can see that the work you ar putting in is paying off. For months I seemed to feel trapped in the 2000’s and it felt like a long time coming when I finally hit 3K. So, what have I done that helped me to nearly break 1000 followers in a month keep reading to find out.

I noticed a huge growth since switching out my selfies to more staged photos. Since I have moved away from my Iphone photos and switched to my Canon Camera I have seen a massive increase in followers. You don’t have to use a decent camera to get those shots but it certainly helps. The portrait mode on the Iphone does work really well for some shots I have found. My camera was not too expensive when you compare it to the cameras out there and it does the job perfectly. I bought the Canon 4000D from Amazon it came with a lens, a bag and also a 64GB memory card, I paid around £280 but have linked the page so you can see exactly what deal I got.

I also have bought a new lens for my camera I like the lens that come with it but it just wasn’t producing the type of quality I wanted so I opted for a new lens. I decided to try out the Canon 50mm lens and bought it from CEX for around £90 which was a bargain, I use it for all of my shots and its just amazing. All the shots below were taken on the 50mm lens.

What else helped me to grow well, I can tell you that going on real shoots with others helps so much. Since going on my first shoot with Ruby I can say for sure that this has helped me to grow on Instagram. When we first started shooting together I noticed a very fast growth in my followers, suddenly my page went from a part time blogger look to a more put together page.

I started to try and use one preset to edit my photos, so I purchased Kelsey In London’s Ibiza preset. I use it on mostly all of my photos and it only ever needs slight adjustments in Lightroom such as skin tone or exposure. It changed the way my photos looked, they went from okay to something so much better. For £10 I honestly can’t recommend them enough! Below is the before and after editing using the preset.

Hashtags, now I know you hear this all the time and your thinking, everyone says this but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. This was me, I used to research hashtags for ages before I posted and would they work, no. Then one day they just started to work and they were actually reaching more than 20 people. I think this happened because I began to engage with people who were also using the same hashtags, whether this is why it started working I don’t know but its working at the moment so touch wood.

Engage Engage Engage, now I have found a massive spike in followers when I have engaged with other peoples accounts. When you comment on another person’s post, other people who comment may want to check out your profile and then this may lead to a follow. I also look at who has commented on other people’s pictures because they are in a similar ‘niche’ and comment on their feed which again helps both the person you are engaging with and also you! When I say engage though I don’t mean just commenting some heart emoji’s or one word comments, really read the caption and write a meaningful comment.

Stories, now this took  me a while to get used to posting on, I rarely used to put anything on my stories as I didn’t want to seem annoying. Now I post really regularly on there, whether it be questions, polls, hauls you name it, posting on your stories really helps with gaining more followers. I also noticed a growth from doing shoutout’s this helps both the person your shouting out and you.

That was how  I managed to gain nearly 1000 followers in a month, I am so close to my next goal 4K, which I am planning a bit of a giveaway for to thank you all for you continued support. It will have some hair tools, clothing and a few other bits and bobs so will definitely be worth it. Now I just need to get to 4K which I am hoping won’t be too much longer.



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