So I put up a post the other day talking about how I’ve recently switched up my skincare routine and you all were up for me writing a blog post about it. Some of the products I mention have been gifted to me but all the opinions are my own and I’ve not been asked to do this so am I writing about these products as if I bought them.

Growing up I never really had a problem with my skin, I would get the occasional breakouts at that certain time of the month and that was really it. In more recent years I began to struggle with my skin a lot more, my skin would breakout and stay like it for weeks not really clearing up. My chin and around my mouth was the worse place for my breakouts and also the top of my nose where my glasses sat. I felt like I couldn’t go out the house without foundation because my whole chin and mouth area was red from the breakouts, but thankfully I started trying out some new products which has changed my skin for the better.

Although not part of a skincare routine, I believe this first point has had a massive affect on my skin. I recently have been on a Slimming World diet, and since cutting out the crap foods in my life I have not only seen a positive impact on my body but also my skin. So I would also recommend looking at what you are eating as this may be the cause behind your breakouts.

For my actual skin routine, in the evening I have been using the products I was gifted by Pixi recently. I was gifted their new collection Vitamin -C which I have been trying out since I got it. Having never used Pixi before I was not sure whether my skin would react to it or whether it would actually make a difference. I can safely say it has made a big difference.

Firstly I use Garnier Micellar Water to wash off the make up from the day. I put it onto a cotton wool pad and use about 3-4 to clean off my face. Once I have done this I then take a clean dry cotton pad and just wipe over my face, I normally find that this helps to remove the foundation even more as the water kind of just lifts it off the skin. After I have done this I use the cleanser, followed by the tonic t really make sure that I have no makeup residue left on my face. Once I am happy that all my make up is removed and my face is now clean I use the Vitamin-C Lotion to just moisturise my face ready for the morning. I particularly like this lotion as it feels thicker than normal moisturiser which is perfect for overnight making sure my face is hydrated throughout the night.

When I wake up in the morning, normally around 5am to get to work for 6am I don’t have all the time in the World to prepare my skin for the day which is why I concentrate on it more in the evening plus I’m lazy and want to stay in bed as long as I can. Although, I do use Dermalogica’s Clearing Defence moisturiser on my skin which also helps because it’s mattifying. After watching hours of YouTube looking for what primer to buy next, someone suggested just using a mattifying moisturiser. I can tell you now I haven’t used a primer since!! It works perfectly and doesn’t react weird with my foundation either, it makes my foundation go on so much easier and it lasts a lot longer too. I recently have been using Rimmel’s Lasting Matte Foundation which is just AMAZING, full coverage and lasts all day what more can you want.

So that is my new skincare routine, I am going on holiday in just over a week  so I will do a slightly different routine so that I don’t have to worry about packing all of my normal skincare stuff. Thankfully Dermalogica sent me for my birthday a little mini set of little bits and bobs which I will be taking with me. I also, will be using the same daily moisturiser as it has SPF 3O in it which is perfect for the sun exposure.

I hope this helps with you and that you can find the perfect combination of products for you skin which helps with breakouts!


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