Today’s blog post is a little different, I thought I would try and bring you guys with me on one of my shoots. Instead of vlogging it I thought it might be a little different to blog about it instead. I will let you guys know about the getting ready for a shoot, what I pack, what I do and where we go.

Firstly, I think the best thing for me to start with is what camera I use for my shoots, I have mentioned this in another blog post so will quickly go over it. For a more detailed explanation check out my post on How I gained nearly 1000 followers in one month. So I use my Cannon 4000D camera with my 50mm lens, I don’t take any other lens with me as this one works really well. I have a 64GB memory card so don’t need to bring any spare memory and also I charge the battery the night before to make sure its fully charged.

Now on to packing for the shoot, I usually take around 5-6 outfits with me for the shoot as I want to make sure I can get enough content that will last me a couple of days. Gone are the days when I used to go out in one outfit and take a few photos in it then go home. Shoots, now for me last around 3-4 hours but they are super fun and the time goes by so fast. When I first started blogging I used to look at people’s feeds and think how do you have so much content to post, do you take photo’s everyday?? I now know this is not the case and that people stockpile images from shoots to last them months!!

I always wear to the shoot a casual looking outfit, normally jeans and a tee shirt, so that I don’t look overdressed walking to the shoot. I have found though that the first outfit never seems to photograph well, casual wear just doesn’t seem to create that Instagram worthy shot, in my opinion which is why I rarely post pictures from the first outfit. These are some of the photos I have taken in these styles of outfits. Adding different things such as the bench takes away from the plainish outfit I think.

What type of outfits do I pack?

Well it depends what I’m looking for from the shoot, if I have been gifted any items recently then I will pack them, but I mostly pack dresses, heels and skirts as I find this is what I shoot best in. A lot of my clothing that I have been posting in recently is from Primark, as its so affordable and cute. The shots below are all dresses from Primark, all costing well under £15 each.

Where do you get changed on the shoot?

Now I remember my first shoot and I was like where the hell are we going to get changed, public toilets a lot of the time. It’s the ugly, unglamorous side of blogging but it does the job. So always make sure to pack some 20p’s in your purse as most toilets you have to pay for now!

How do you pose?

I used to be incredibly awkward when it came to posing and found that I just used to stand awkward in front the camera. After hours of pinterest and scrolling through other people’s feeds for ideas I came up with some. I have some go to poses which is the hand above the head, candid walk and the hand on the hip. I found that the perfect shot often comes from the between poses, moving from one pose to another. The best way to pose is to keep moving, you may feel like an idiot but trust me you will get the shot. If you just stay still you are only getting one type of shot and if you get home and don’t like the way it looks then you will be gutted, so move around.

Where to go for shoots?

I am from Plymouth, so this bit will really only help if you plan on shooting in Plymouth, but it may also help with looking for spots in your own area. When I first started going out to locations to shoot, I would look on the explore page for my area to see where other people where heading to, this helped me a lot at first because I was able to picture how I wanted my shot to look. I also found when walking between locations you can often find hidden gems that you may have not noticed before. For Plymouth bloggers, I like to shoot on the Hoe, it has so many white buildings and all the back lanes as well add for nice photo opportunities. I have also shot at Saltram which is great for any nature shots you may be after, also parks are great all my photos with benches are taken in a park.


I hope this blog post helped you get a better idea of what to do on a shoot. If anyone from Plymouth or if you are visiting and fancy going on a shoot with me  feel free to DM me on Instagram, I would love to meet some of you guys and create some content.

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