Staying organised is so important on my Uni degree, you can very quickly fall behind. The only thing that I can use that keeps me organised is a diary, I’ve tried using my phone as an organiser but I just cannot get on with it, I like to be able to see it there on paper rather than on a screen.

In a few weeks time I am about to start my year three placement which means I will be working full time, I already know how important it is to be organised but this is even more important as I have to organise my work on placement alongside all of my assignments due. Last week I had an exciting email from CGD London and was asked if I were interested in one of their diaries. I immediately said yes because I needed a new diary for placement and knew that I would use it well. I was kindly gifted my diary and was asked if I could write a blog post however, all views are my own.

I was gifted a ‘Goals’ diary which runs from June 2019 till December 2020. Inside it’s not just a diary but it also has pages dedicated for ‘todo’ lists which is a great way to stay organised as you can physically tick it off once it’s done. One of my favourite things about this diary is that it divides the days into hours so you can plan your day down to the hour. With my placement I go to a lot of meetings so having my diary split into hours helps me keep track of my day and stops me from putting too much on. The diary is a vegan leather coated hardback which looks effortlessly stylish. It doesn’t just include day by day view but also has weekly view pages and monthly view pages which is a great way to visualise for me when certain assignments are due in, helping me plan when I should start them.

It is amazing how I feel more at ease from being more organised because of a diary. For me just knowing that I have got myself more organised relieves my stress around Uni and helps me to feel more confident. To get your own diary check out CGD London.

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