I love creating makeup looks and trying out new things but I thought I would share with you my go to routine when I want to do something a little extra. I always go for this eyeshadow look because I find it super easy and love the final outcome although no photo does it justice. Anyway here is what I do.

I start by preparing my skin as I normally go for a heavier make up look and use a high coverage foundation so don’t want to trigger any reactions in my skin. I like to use Dermalogica Start Clear moisturiser as my base. Whilst waiting for this to sink into my skin I apply the Jolen crème bleach to my upper lip to lighten any darker hairs as when you put foundation on it can give the affect of even darker hair.

I was kindly gifted the Jolen Crème Bleach to try and review, I jumped at the opportunity as I had used the product for years and knew that I already loved it. I have always used the sensitive one and have never had any reactions to it but definitely patch test it before you try it out for yourselves. It lightens any dark hair you may have, I find I get darker hair above my lip and Jolen does a fab job of getting lightening it. I have always been conscious of the hair so have lightened since the age of around 15, so this collaboration couldn’t have been any better matched to me.

For my eyeshadow I used my PIXI palette which was a collaboration with @Thatsheart. It blends seamlessly and the pigmentation is incredible, it has the perfect colours for this time of the year. For foundation I use Dior which has a matte type finish. Then because its Christmas I’ve been adding a shimmery lip from PIXI glosses.

If you guys ever want me to create a video around this please let me know, would love to try it if that’s what you guys would all like.

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