If you don’t already know by now I love travelling, well being on holiday. I genuinely hate the feeling of not having another one booked for next year at the moment so I thought to try and take my mind off it I would write about my travels so far as I start this I am unsure whether I want to make this a series talking about all the places in detail or whether to summarise but stay with me here and we will see together.

So I guess it makes sense to start from the beginning, I will be blogging about my travels in the recent years that I have funded myself rather than ones I went on with family as I can’t then tell you the cost of things. My first solo travel without my parents was to Rhodes, Greece with Sam for my 18th birthday. We left for Greece on my birthday (4th August) and flew from Exeter which was perfect as it is a very small airport and less than an hour away from Plymouth so meant we didn’t have to travel far. Our flight was late in the afternoon which meant we didn’t get to the hotel till gone 10pm which meant most of my 18th birthday was spent in an airport and a plane. Call me spoilt but it wasn’t an ideal way to spend my 18th! We went half board which meant we only got breakfast and evening meal included. The hotel was nothing special and for our first holiday away it was perfect. Rhodes old town was about a 30 minute bus journey away and I still remember now the fear I had getting on to this bus fearful that we might get lost and would be stuck in Rhodes. By the fact I am writing this now you can guess that didn’t happen.

Rhodes itself is beautiful and I would love to go back for sure, we did a boat trip where the boat had a glass bottom and the diver was showing us different fish from under the sea. we explored the markets and the old town but looking back I wish we spent more time there as we only did it twice in the week holiday as we were so scared we would miss the bus back. I think this was more because it was both of our first holidays away from family so we were a bit nervous. I don’t really have much more to write about Rhodes as it was 2015 we visited and we both were reluctant to go very far for too long, this is definitely not the case now!

Our next holiday together was 2016 Antalya, Turkey, let me tell you this was one of the best hotels we ever stayed in. we stayed at Aska Lara Resort & Spa, it was our first experience of 5 star which we now do on most holidays. Lara Beach, the area is stunning, the beach is perfect not too rough seas and the perfect sand. We did lots of water activities like paragliding, banana boat and jet ski’s. the whole holiday was amazing and we would definitely go back that’s for sure. We went when the hotel was brand new so it was a little cheaper but I would say it is worth every penny the food is amazing, the waterpark was super fun and Turkey in general was amazing. On our last full day we did have an incident which did make us feel unsafe and not want to be there. We went to the markets to just have a browse, when we went in one shop the man was persistent in making Sam try on a jumper, little did we know the other man locked us in the shop. When Sam said he didn’t want the jumper the man shouted at us and swore at us then physically pushed us out the shop telling us to never come back. Only being 18 and 19 we were both really scared and practically ran back to the hotel, looking back now we laugh about it but at the time it was a really horrible situation which could have ended a lot differently. We tried not to let this one experience taint our whole holiday but for a while it did because it was scary, now we are a bit older we don’t find it so scary and would go back but would just watch out for this in the markets.

I think for one blog post that maybe enough but stay tuned for the next batch of our holidays, coming next Florida, Venice, the cruise and Bali.

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