Now I will try not to follow the same path as every other blog post you have read about the New Year but I can’t make any promises. 2019 has been a good year in terms of so many different things, I got to tick Bali off my bucket list, I got to go on a all girls holiday, I made it to third year of Uni, I grew my Insta and got to collaborate with some amazing brands. How do I top this year, how do I make 2020 the best start to a decade? Well here in this blog post are some of my goals for next year, we can check back next year and see if I do achieve these!

1) Graduate- I want to graduate next year, I don’t want to resit the year I want to finish my University journey and graduate with the rest of my class. I want to say goodbye to student me and hello to adult me (well I’m not sure graduating will make me anymore mature).

2) Get my first real job- by this I mean a job that is a career, whether it be in Social Work which is my degree or by somehow managing to land myself the Wowcher job.

3) Be looking to buy our house- by this time next year I want to be able to look to buy a house and have a mortgage in place ready for when we find our perfect home.

4) Go on one last exotic holiday- I’m graduating and I want to celebrate in style with a nice holiday, I’ve not decided where I want to go yet but I think after three long years at uni I will deserve this holiday!!

Okay so this one maybe a stretch but you never know…

5) Get to 10K on Instagram- I know I know this maybe unachievable but I never thought I would get to where I am now with Instagram so this may just be achievable.

6) On the same note Up My Insta Game- I’ve let it slip of recent and I want next year to be a fresh slate and up my content, I want to not just be posting for the sake of it but making every post count!

7) Finally hit the gym and work out which I have been saying for the last 5 years and never doing (will be interesting next year to see if I stick to this one!)

8) Not waste money on clothes- this year I don’t want to be buying new clothes for the sake of it because I am bored and am finding myself online shopping. Instead I want to save that money for our house.

9) Stop being so anxious, I suffer with anxiety and this year I want to pus myself to overcome it, I don’t want to not go to things because I am too scared instead I am going to start saying yes more to new things.

10) Have the best year- I want to start this decade on a high so what better than having the best 2020 that I can.

This year I want to grab life by the reins and enjoy every minute of it, each New Year comes around faster than the last and I want to be sat next year typing this blog post thinking wow look at everything I did, look back with no regret and smile at what I have achieved I want to make 2020 a year to remember, I’m not sure what will be instore yet but I can tell you one thing, I am bloody excited to find out.

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