So recently one of my lovely Insta friends @helloellielouise_blogs started a new hashtag #AdandProud, it comes from the fact we as “Instagram influencers” are almost shamed from doing Ads on our account. Posting an Ad whether it be gifted or paid it takes effort, this effort is what you don’t all see. People just see the word Ad and continue scrolling yet on any other post people are happy to engage on it, what’s the difference?

The effort people put into Ad content is huge, its all the unseen, behind the scenes bit that is hard. Shooting any type of content for your page takes time, we all get criticised for wearing the same clothes, or isn’t that the same location as last week, all time time? What people forget is that some Influencers do this as a side thing, we still work, study and have a social life all alongside running a social media account. Growing an account organically is not as simple as just uploading a photo and hoping it will get some engagement, it takes hours of engaging with others, researching hashtags and looking up whats currently trending. We didn’t all just stumble into a growing account every influencer will have and will continue to work hard on their account and yet people shame us into feeling bad for posting an Ad or Gifted content?

Lets just set the record straight as well, not all #Ad means paid, it can mean that the person has been gifted an item in return for content featured on their account. Now there are lots of debates as to whether we should be accepting gifted content anymore but thats a whole other story. I can remember my first paid post, I was so excited a brand was going to pay me £25 (Not a lot but a lot to me for a post at the time) for one picture on my feed. What I hadn’t realised is the demands brands put on people when they are paying, I had to have the photo uploaded within one week of getting the item, I had to communicate back and forth with the brand around whether the picture I took was what they wanted, I had to rewrite my caption 5 times to make sure I had included everything they needed me to promote. Working full time alongside studying this demand was actually harder than it seemed even harder when the weather is pants, and then my big £25 felt like not a lot of money. Taking the image for the brand had taken me 2 hours to shoot, 30 minutes to edit and then 3 hours worth of emails back and forth not even taking into account the time to post and engage with those who were commenting on it. So I did 5.5 hours work for £25 thats just over £4.50 an hour, thats less than minimum wage.

Sadly this is the reality most people don’t see, it’s not as easy as everyone shames people into thinking it is. So what if your favourite influencer has posted more than one #Ad in a week, what about all the other weeks when they posted none. I think we should all be supporting others with their #Ads not making people feel bad about posting them, why shouldn’t you engage with a post just because it’s an Ad its still the same influencer behind it.  So make sure if your posting an Ad you use the #AdandProud because you know what

You should be proud!


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