This isolation has pushed many accounts to change up their normal daily post and thrusted us into having to get comfortable with taking our content at home.  I can definitely say that for me its been a hard process to get behind, before we entered lockdown I feared that my account would have to start creating content from home, something I had never successfully been able to do. As someone who does not live in an typically aesthetically pleasing home I knew that it would be a challenge for me to create images that I liked and felt were good enough to post. In the first few days I continued posting my outdoor shoots praying that they would last me through the lockdown. Oh how I was wrong. It became clear quickly that I was going to have to bite the bullet and shoot at home. I started looking at what other people were creating fretting at the fact their content quality had not dropped and they were still creating amazing content at home.

My first attempt at home content shooting involved cello taping a white bed sheet to my wall, I’m not sure I recommend this as I tore all my wallpaper in the process. I got out my trusted tripod which had only been used once since I bought it after searching my whole room for it, and started shooting away. The easiest thing I could think of shooting was me sat in front of the camera posing indoors with sunglasses on, hoping my neighbours weren’t looking through my window at me.


My second attempt I knew I was going to have to change it up because I wasn’t going to be able to post sat down selfies in front of a white bed sheet forever. I started looking at peoples photos posing on their bed, as my room was not arranged in a way where I could get those photos I tried something different and put the duvet on the floor to look like a bed and this works perfect. My bed in my photos looks like it is right by a window which gives beautiful shadows. I can honestly say this was the best thing I did because it’s what I have done for pretty much every photo recently as it creates a nice texture to the photo. Also a simple flatlay!! Here are the images I created, I think a duvet just creates such an aesthetically pleasing background and helped keep my feed more together.


The newest thing I’ve been loving is playing around with mirrors and fake plants. Now I’m going to say it from the start mirror shots look amazing but they are hard work to ensure 1, you don’t have the camera in the reflection, 2 trying to get a good background in the photo. Here are some of the shots I have created using a mirror and some fake plants we had in the house.

As for now being told we are going to be in lockdown for a while longer, well I’m trying to come up with ideas for content but hitting a block…

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