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Current Style Loves

So lets distract from everything that is going on at the moment and create an escapism, I find shopping is a great way to escape. If you are like me keep reading because I am going to be sharing my current faves at the moment and it won’t break the bank I promise!


I have been loving recently paring my fave jeans with some heels and then just adding a top, doesn’t even have to be a particularly dressy one but it just works! I have been just loving this look and it is beginning to be my go to look especially for shooting content on Instagram because it is what I would wear as a go to. I have been reaching for my heels which I got from Everything 5 Pounds (Gifted) because they are just the right type of heel for jeans. You may not even have to buy new heels because I am sure you have ones very similar already. They are just a great way to dress up an average outfit and make it that bit EXTRA and who is not here for that!


So jeans have to be everyones staple right? I have about 5 pairs of black jeans (well they range in faded black colours) and about 5 blue jeans. My go to black jeans are actually from TU clothing, Sainsburys, they are the only ones that have kept their colour and they are just super comfy. My go to blue jeans are my Primark, vintage mum jeans for the price they are far superior to other brands, although they are a bit snug so may need to size up. I have a pair of Levi jeans and i have to say the quality of the Primark ones are very similar, they have the same feel and both look great!

Doc Martens:

I could dedicate a whole blog post to my boots, I just adore them, they are and will always be my best purchase. Mine are over a year old now but they still look incredible with everything. styling them is simple they go with everything, I wear them to placement, I wear them on shoots, I wear them casually and I wear them on walks. In short bite the bullet purchase them you will not regret it!


You don’t need to break the bank with belts all mine are from Primark and they are perfect. You can stick a belt with nearly everything and it will take the outfit to the next level! I put them around my dresses most of the time to create a more cinched waist. My tips is don’t actually put the metal bit through the hole but pull it as tight as you can and use a bobby pin to secure it in place. The same can be said with any accessories, it just puts the look together, I feel I look more mature the more accessories I use, it looks like I have actually thought about my outfit!


I’m changing it up

So recently I have been having doubts about my Instagram page, I had focused so hard on hitting my next goal and it just became incredibly difficult with people forever following to unfollow. That I began to rethink about my page and what I want it to be. If you follow me you would have seen a post I put up the other day about how I am no longer focusing on the number at the top of my page but the content I put out. I began to get myself into a spin constantly refreshing my screen to see if the number decreased or increased. It got me thinking, is what I am posting what people want to see?

So I began to think about things I think I can bring which is a bit different from the already crowded fashion blogger niche. I have decided that I want to be posting more work wear looks which would be suitable for office jobs, placements and if you just want to look smart. So my aim is to be posting workwear looks on the weekdays and more relaxed casual looks on the weekends. Let me know if you guys like this idea!!

Why have I decided this? Well, I am going into my third year of uni this year studying Social Work were I have to undertake 100 days placement and dress smarter than just normal jeans. Last year I did 70 and struggled each day with ideas of what to wear and felt like Instagram would be a great place to find more inspo so now, why not let that inspo be me?! I love smart looking fashion and it makes me feel so much more confident than normal clothing. I want my page to reflect more of my week, stuff I actually would wear not just what looks good on the ‘gram’ because else half my wardrobe just becomes full of clothes I only wear for Instagram.

With this change in what I will be posting on Instagram I hope that my current followers will stay and enjoy my content and that new people will come and support my page. Thank you all for your support!

How to style one bag

The bag mentioned in this blog post was kindly gifted to me however, all opinions are my own.

Now unfortunately, unless you win the lottery many of us can’t afford to have a bag for every outfit. Sure we may have few but not as many as we would like. So my solution is finding a bag which goes with more than just one outfit.

When Gaston Luga  approached me I knew exactly what bag to go for. It had to be a colour I knew would go with everything and it had to be a bag big enough to fit stuff in but not too big that it would look silly. I chose the Classy Black Backpack which did exactly that, it is big enough to fit a notepad in for uni but not too big that it can’t be worn casually.

My first look with this bag is casual, perfect for days when your just running into town or uni. I paired my bag with some flair trousers from Primark and my ‘God Is A Women’ top from the Ariana Grande range in Primark. This look is just super comfy and easy to wear, all black you can’t go wrong! I rolled the top up a bit and tied it with a hair band to add a bit of shape to the top and also to create the illusion of a slimmer waist. I often do this as I am conscious of my hips, when I wear high waisted jeans or bottoms it helps to hide them a little which is great. The bag works great either holding it down by your side, slung off the shoulder or on your back.

My next outfit is a little more dressy styling of the backpack. I chose to create a look wearing my Next snake print maxi skirt and my Primark black bodysuit. This look can be dressed up or down, with heels it would make a cute date night outfit and with some black sandals it makes for a stylish daytime outfit.

These are just two looks I’ve created with this bag being the staple, I can already see myself using this bag everyday for uni in September. The bag arrived the next day after the order was placed and at the moment with every purchase you can get a free passport cover. The bag is made of PU Leather which means that the bag is really strong,  the bag is made with such good quality that I know it is going to last me a long time. All of the bags come with a inner lining which can hold your laptop in as well which makes it great for uni or school. You can use my code LJ15 for 15% off at the moment which makes the bag even better value for money!!


Hope you enjoyed this post, I have a lot more posts coming so keep your eyes peeled.