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It’s a New Year

Now I will try not to follow the same path as every other blog post you have read about the New Year but I can’t make any promises. 2019 has been a good year in terms of so many different things, I got to tick Bali off my bucket list, I got to go on a all girls holiday, I made it to third year of Uni, I grew my Insta and got to collaborate with some amazing brands. How do I top this year, how do I make 2020 the best start to a decade? Well here in this blog post are some of my goals for next year, we can check back next year and see if I do achieve these!

1) Graduate- I want to graduate next year, I don’t want to resit the year I want to finish my University journey and graduate with the rest of my class. I want to say goodbye to student me and hello to adult me (well I’m not sure graduating will make me anymore mature).

2) Get my first real job- by this I mean a job that is a career, whether it be in Social Work which is my degree or by somehow managing to land myself the Wowcher job.

3) Be looking to buy our house- by this time next year I want to be able to look to buy a house and have a mortgage in place ready for when we find our perfect home.

4) Go on one last exotic holiday- I’m graduating and I want to celebrate in style with a nice holiday, I’ve not decided where I want to go yet but I think after three long years at uni I will deserve this holiday!!

Okay so this one maybe a stretch but you never know…

5) Get to 10K on Instagram- I know I know this maybe unachievable but I never thought I would get to where I am now with Instagram so this may just be achievable.

6) On the same note Up My Insta Game- I’ve let it slip of recent and I want next year to be a fresh slate and up my content, I want to not just be posting for the sake of it but making every post count!

7) Finally hit the gym and work out which I have been saying for the last 5 years and never doing (will be interesting next year to see if I stick to this one!)

8) Not waste money on clothes- this year I don’t want to be buying new clothes for the sake of it because I am bored and am finding myself online shopping. Instead I want to save that money for our house.

9) Stop being so anxious, I suffer with anxiety and this year I want to pus myself to overcome it, I don’t want to not go to things because I am too scared instead I am going to start saying yes more to new things.

10) Have the best year- I want to start this decade on a high so what better than having the best 2020 that I can.

This year I want to grab life by the reins and enjoy every minute of it, each New Year comes around faster than the last and I want to be sat next year typing this blog post thinking wow look at everything I did, look back with no regret and smile at what I have achieved I want to make 2020 a year to remember, I’m not sure what will be instore yet but I can tell you one thing, I am bloody excited to find out.

Q&A about Instagram

I recently put a post on my instagram asking for some questions that you wanted me to answer here on my blog so I thought I would finally get around to writing it.

A question I get all the time is how do you grow your followers?

I did do a blog post on this a couple weeks ago about how I gained nearly 1000 followers in a month. But a quick recap, basically a lot of engagement with other people and upping your game! I saw a massive increase when I upped my content and started going on shoots, not just posting the first photo I took on my phone.  For a more in depth answer to this check out my last post.

What was the hardest thing I experienced when trying to grow my followers?

Hardest is easy, I found the hardest part not feeling good enough, I would put in so much effort going on shoots, editing photos to not see anything from it. I would constantly be doubting whether I was even enjoying it anymore or whether I was just posting because I felt I had to else I would lose followers. I have thankfully got out of this mindset now and do posts that I enjoy, I don’t look at the likes on it anymore or whether it got good engagement because I posted it on my page because I like it.

What is my favourite brand collab?

I have so many that stick out for me like, Boux Avenue, ISAWITFIRST and Pixi. Boux Avenue is definitely at the top, without them I don’t think I would be doing what I am doing on Instagram, I was about to give it all up ready for second year of uni but when I got the email saying I made it as student ambassador I was so happy and wanted to see where it would take me. They have been amazing, they are a great brand to work with and I am over the moon I get to do it all again this year.

Close second is Pixi, I have only ever received two PR parcels from them but they never fail to amaze me. My latest package if you didn’t see on my stories was some of their makeup from their new collection #pixipretties and all of it is amazing. I plan on doing a blog post about the collection when I have tried it all out, creating different looks with all of the different pieces so keep your eyes peeled.

Whats my advice to anyone who wants to become a blogger on Instagram?

JUST DO IT! If you want to do it just start now and do it. What’s stopping you? The sooner you start the quicker you start to grow. I wish I started earlier and didn’t let the fear of what others would think of me get in the way. So my advice is just start, pick what you’re passionate about and begin posting about it, if you are scared of what people will think make a separate account, start a fresh and see where it goes. Never did I think I would get some of the things I have since doing this and it still amazes me now when I get emails from brands asking me if I want to collaborate. So in short JUST DO IT!

Thank you to everyone who asked questions many were similar so have summed it all up in these. Stay tuned for my next few posts, review of Pixi makeup, my stay at Wooldown and how I saved 12k in less than two years.